Thursday, 5 March 2015

"Bello - A Calendar, dedicated to the Dreams of Acid Attack Survivors"

Idea behind Bello: The idea behind the calendar shoot by Acid Attack fighters emerged from the debate on the true meaning of beauty and the present attitude of the society towards understanding the concept of beauty in a limited realm. We stand against all those who discriminate and misjudge those who have lost their faces but have strived to retain their identities.
In a society as insensitive as ours, it doesn't take much for the acid attack victims to lose their self-confidence. The apathy of the attackers give birth to the acid attack. The apathy of relatives, 'friends' and neighbours generates burns everyday. The calendar shoot aids the society to broaden the interpretation of beauty.
inner beauty is quintessential beauty. hence we have decided to preserve it in an art form. this calendar launch with an idea to to showcase our ighter's dream emerged as a workable idea to us. we present you our work for your consideration and reconsideration.
Similar to our previous photo shool of acid attack survivors modeling for another survivor Rupa's dress designs, we have planned to launch this calendar shoot on social media. We are planning to reach out to 100 million people across the globe to make them a part of this celebration in which we define and redefine beauty. This calendar is one of its kind. People whom we consider ugly have emerged as the faces who love themselves and spread love and positivity.
Funds raised by the sale of the calendar will be used in the rehabilitation and betterment of the acid attack survivors in India. Help us by spreading the word by sharing this project with your friends and well wishers.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


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Reach-out Budget for the survivors of Acid Violence who are fighting alone

In India, at least 5 women are attacked with Acid every week. Indian government does not have any data relating to various aspects of Acid Attacks, as according to NCRB in 2013 in Kerala no of cases reported are 4 but we have got 9 fir copies from that state through RTI .
Ritu, a Fighter (survivor) of Acid Attack is trying to run the biggest research project with the team Stop Acid Attacks relating to Acid Violence in India. Ritu wants to ensure that every Acid Attack survivor receives due compensation, medical assistance and legal help to fight their battle.

My name is Ritu and I am a survivor of Acid Attack. I am trying to run the biggest research project with the team Stop Acid Attacks relating to Acid Violence in India. I want to ensure that every Acid Attack survivor receive due compensation, medical assistance and legal help to fight their battle. In first phase we are aiming to reach 300+ survivors of Acid Attacks.

In India, at least 5 women are attacked with Acid every week. Indian government does not have any data relating to various aspects of Acid Attacks. Stop Acid Attacks campaign has maintained a database of Acid Attack victims being reported on various media platforms as well. These amounts to at least 300 acid attack victims. As a government rule, anybody who has been attacked by acid must be given a compensation of Rs 3 Lakhs (US Dollar 5000 Approx.). But as per various media reports and our findings only 5 Acid Attack survivors have received the compensation.
We want to reach to those who were unheard since they faced one of the most brutal crime practiced any human being on this earth.

Know more about our project, check this link:
If you are unable to donate on the above campaign, you can also contribute in our rehabilitation project SheRoes Hangout, a cafĂ© managed by 5 Acid Attack survivors in Agra, India.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Most of the Acid Attacks in India are due to the one sided love of a man being rejected by a woman. Because the woman has rejected the proposal for love, the 'man' attacks her to ensure that she does not become part of any other man's life as well.

As Valentine's Day- a day to celebrate love- is near, we have compiled letters of few Acid Attack survivors, addressed to the person who attacked them. This is first of its kind of compilation of letters. Apart from the letters we will also include few poem by the survivors and other supporters of the campaign.

Your support is important: Your participation in our Tweetathon as an ambassador of the cause to end Acid Attacks, will motivate not only the various volunteers and campaigners, but will also educate and inform larger crowd in the society. Your participation will ensure that the cause reaches out to many people who are still not aware of the ongoing struggle to end violence against women.

We've launched an e-book titled "A Black Rose: In protest of Love" on Feb 14, which is available on our website for download by paying support amount of Rs 99/-.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

At the beginning of the year, Aarti Thakur (23) faced an acid attack at Goregaon station, that too in the peak evening hours. The 23-year-old girl had just begun her career in marketing and her family had pinned its hopes on her to kiss their financial woes goodbye.
Their dreams were dashed that evening, two months after she joined a renowned IT company in Goregaon. Following the attack, she never heard from her employers ever again. But, what Aarti regrets most is how all her colleagues, who over a period of two months had become good friends, wiped her out of their lives. "Till date, not a single colleague or friend has called to enquire or help. This attack was also an eye-opener in many ways," she said.
The attack brought about a sea-change in the once confident and outgoing girl. She has now confined herself to their one-room flat in Nalasopara and steps out only for hospital visits or unless absolutely necessary. And every time she covers herself from head to toe. "Partly, it is the fear of being attacked again, and part of it is about the way I look now," she said. The gruesome attack left her with serious burns and scars on eyebrows, face, neck and forearms. The attack also mentally scarred her 21-year-old sister, who always steps out wearing a burqa now. She is pursuing a beautician's course and dropped out of her college for want of funds.
Aarti's family, which comprises her mother, a single parent, and her sister, are practically leading a hand-to-mouth existence. The only earning member of her family, Aarti made about Rs 14,500 a month before the attack. Now, the family has no source of income. Their home rent of Rs 3,000 is pending for the last six months. She said the IT firm she worked for also owes her 21 days' salary that they have refused to pay her. "But, we do not have the time and resources to fight for all that now," she said.
Now, a typical day in the household starts with Aarti's mother Seema making a list of trusts and organizations she has to visit. She aims at collecting Rs 2 lakh for at least three more surgeries that Aarti has to undergo. Aarti said she wants to get back to her normal self and ensure her attackers suffer as much as she is suffering now. The trial in the case is yet to begin and all the accused are out on bail.

Fate is just too cruel for some people.

Baby Wasima hails from Fatehpur. Untimely death of her father and abject poverty had kept her away from education. She used to work at a Bidi factory and she used to be paid ₹30 for every 1000 Bidis produced. While returning back from work, she had to counter a group of 5-6 hooligans, who used to tease and make disgraceful remarks at her. Life was tough, she knew she had to work against all odds to earn a living.

One evening while returning along with her sister, they saw two men standing at a distance. Baby took her usual route, inspite of repeated coaxing from her sister to take a different route.
They had not recognized those two men from a distance. While they were passing them, the men splashed acid on her face. She thought the men had poured milk on her face. Her sister tried to catch the attackers, but they fled. When she reached home, her face was black and the family was befuddled. They took her to the government hospital in Fatehpur and the doctors disillusioned them about the acid attack. After 2-3 days of treatment, she was referred to a hospital in Kanpur.

Her face has been disfigured pitiably and she has lost her eyesight. Poverty has denied her proper treatment. 7 years after the attack, today also she is living an onerous life. Loss of eyesight has barred her from working for a living. She helps the family in household chores.

With minimal wages earned by the working members in the family, they see darkness ahead. Stop Acid Attacks campaign strives to show them a ray of hope.


    About Us

    SAA is a campaign against acid violence. We work as a bridge between survivors and the society, as most of the victims of this brutal crime, which is much more grave in its impact than a rape, have isolated themselves after losing their face. Due to ignorance of the government and civil society, most survivors find no hope and stay like an outcast, in solitude. SAA aims to research and track acid attack cases and compile a data to get the actual situation of survivors.

    Our Mission

    We work with partners and stakeholders towards elimination of acid and other forms of burn violence and protection of survivors' rights. The process of justice to an acid attack victim remains incomplete until she gets immediate medical, legal and economic help, along with the critical social acceptance. Our vision is to free India from this crime, which reflects the flaws of our patriarchal society and abusive attitudes. We want survivors to have access to fast justice and fight back the irreparable impact of this crime.

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    Any amount you can donate to us, no matter how small, will be very gratefully received and put to good use helping acid and burns violence survivors. Your help could help pay for dressings and medical supplies for recuperating patients. A small help could help survivors with vital physical rehabilitation after an attack, including physical therapy and nursing.

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