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Letter to Women and Child Development ministry

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Krishna Tirath,
Women and Child Development Ministry.

            Sub: Regarding fast actions to help acid attacks survivors Annu from Kanpur

Dear Sir/Ma'am
There are several cases of acid attacks which have occurred on national and international levels and one more adding to the list is Annu Acid Attack Case.

It's still burning...
The 17 years old Annu, a resident of Kanpur, became the victim of Acid Attack on January 4, by a 20 years old teenage named Surya Kamal who was forcing her to marry him.

The Times of India Report:
During investigation, it was revealed that Kamal, who worked at an almirah shop on Birhana Road, had an affair with the girl. "The victim had started ignoring Surya Kamal as he used to consume liquor on a regular basis. A case under sections 326/354 has been lodged against the accused," said station house officer, Pheelkhana, Sanjay Tewari.
The victim was rushed to the KPM hospital initially and it was reported that she has got 40% burn injuries.

Burning Future
Annu is just 17 years old and belongs to a poor family and she lost her parents long back. She has been brought up by her granny and has one younger brother. Annu was forced to quit her studies after 9Th standard due to the financial problems. Annu runs a petty shop to fill her stomach.
With such disasters in her life now she is facing a new challenge when she is totally wrecked and has lost all hopes from her life. What should she do? Who has takes the onus of her future?

Your Support
Annu is in need of dire help in monetary terms, legal terms and a mental support without which she would lose all the hopes from her life and a innocent will end up her life. Kindly take this issue in your consideration and take it forward to earn justice for the victim.

Earlier Study
I have been regularly working on the issue of Acid Attacks in South East Asia and have been getting a sense that instead of stopping acid attacks completely we are reporting more number of acid attacks which is a real fret for journalists and human activists.
I got several chances to interact with such victims and their heart breaking stories always gave me reasons to believe that it was as brutal as murdering someone.
There are several cases of acid attacks which have occurred on national and international levels, one among them is Arti Acid Attack Case which I have covered in detail.
Aarti's case of acid attack had been the most noticed and talked about case in Kanpur as it was the first case of acid attack in Kanpur. In the case of Aarti, Nine years after a lot of interrogation in the year 2009, Judiciary started talking action on it and the first hearing in the court was initiated. The fast track court awarded 10 years rigorous imprisonment and Rs. 5 lakh fine to his convict, Abhinav and 8 years of imprisonment and Rs. 2.5 lakh fine to each of his friends who were involved in the crime.
This is not only Aarti’s story. According to the reports of ‘Avon Global Center for Women and Justice’, from the year 2002 till the year 2010 there have been 153 cases of Acid attacks reported in media. The report also says that the actual number of cases are quite large in number than the reported cases.
According to many Women Organizations the number of Acid attacks in India is around 1500.
I understand the seriousness of the issue and I wish to take it forward to help the victim to get justice and am seeking for your help and support.

Thanking You.                                                                                                                    Regards
                                                                                                                                           Alok Dixit


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