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Thank You for making our Stop Acid Attacks campaign a success!

Posted by Stop Acid Attacks On Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dear friends,

On behalf of the complete team of “Stop Acid Attacks” I’d like to inform you that today, i.e. on 8th April 2013, we have completed one month of our existence as this campaign. We would like to thank you for taking out time on 8th March 2013 and being a part of our campaign and event “Womaniya”. Your kind gesture has motivated us to work more sincerely and dedicating our utmost to this cause.

This one month has been very crucial for our team in all aspects but we have striven to achieve the best for these courageous acid attack survivors. And we proudly report that in this one month, which is a very short period of time, we have been able to achieve the following:

1. Arrangement of doctors who specialize in burn cases for the medical treatment of the survivors.

2. Created a ‘Legal Team’ comprising of lawyers and advocates who will keep a check on the policies being formulated for this cause and how to go about its execution.

3. We have a team of Representatives from more than 25 different places in India, who will keep us updated about the existing survival’s cases and also new cases happening in their area.

4. We have most importantly, raised fund for many survivors through different mediums like Social Networks, individual fund raising campaign “1000 Only”, Indigogo- a fund raising website etc. Till date, we have been able to collect Rs. 2 lacs for Chanchal and Sonam and Rs. 60,000 FOR Esha, acid attack survivors and are still going further with it. And this amount of money is DIRECTLY SENT BY THE DONOR TO THE ACCOUNT OF THE SURVIVOR.

5. We have also tied up with different and various Civil Societies and have collaborated with organizations like “” to file petitions and various other group formation.

6. We have also been able to identify new survivors and this way the goal of the campaign with which we started it is getting closer.

7. Our campaign and survivors have been a part of the project works from organizations like BBC, The Independent newspaper, FOX News, Times of India, Tehelka and almost all Indian news channels and newspapers.

8. We have also been able to locate a place in Delhi to open up a Rehabilitation Centre for the survivors where they can stay during their ongoing treatment.

All this has been possible because of the continuous struggles that we did for making our efforts a great success so that we can give our best to support these survivors who are the real fighters. We will continue persevering in the same way.

We seek your support throughout.

Best Wishes
Alok Dixit
Stop Acid Attacks

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पिछले आठ मार्च को आज से ठीक एक महीने पहले तेजाब हमलों के खिलाफ स्टाप एसि़ड अटैक्स अभियान की शुरूआत की थी। आज एक महीने पूरे होने पर मैं आपको और अभियान के बाकी सभी साथियों को धन्यवाद अदा करता हूं। हमने यह शुरूआत एक बेहद छोटी टीम के साथ की थी जो कि अब पच्चीस से भी ज्यादा शहरों में फैल चुकी है। हाल में शामली, उत्तर प्रदेश में तेजाब हमले से घायल हुई ऐशा के लिये साठ हजार रूपये जुटाने के अलावा अभियान ने तुबा के लिये 1 लाख और सोनम और चंचल के लिये लगभग 2 लाख रूपये जुटाए जो कि उनके बैंक अकाउंट में पहुचा दिये गए। अभियान ने वरिष्ठ वकीलों को शामिल कर एक लीगल टीम तैयार की है जो कि इन मामलों की फ्री में पैरवी करेगा और साथ ही एक जनहित याचिका सुप्रीम कोर्ट में भी डालेगी। 

हमें सबसे ज्यादा खुशी तो तब हुई जब मशहूर प्लास्टिक सर्जन ड़ा सुबोध इन फाइटर्स की फ्री सर्जरी के लिये तैयार हो गए। हमने उनके अस्पलात के साथ इस सिलसिले में आधिकारिक समझौता भी कर लिया है और अब से सभी तेजाब पीड़िताओं को मुफ्त चिकित्सा, सलाह और सर्जरी की सुविधाएं उनके अस्पताल की ओर से दी जाएंगी। पिछले एक महीनों में हमने अपने जागरूकता अभियान के तहत हमने तमाम न्यूजचैनलों, पत्रिकाओं और समाचार पत्रों को इस विषय पर ज्यादा से ज्यादा स्टोरी करने के लिये लिखा है और बीबीसी, फाक्स न्यूज, द इंडिपेंडेंट, टाइम्स आफ इंडिया, इंडियन एक्सप्रेस, तहलका समेत तमाम प्रतिष्ठित मीडिया संस्थानों ने इस मुद्दे को तरजीह देकर सरकार और सिविल सोसाइटी का ध्यान मुद्दे की ओर खीचा है। जल्द ही अभियान दिल्ली में एक पुनर्वास केंद्र भी शुरू कर रहा है ताकि देश भर से इलाज के लिये दिल्ली आने वाले हमारी ये सभी बहादुर साथी यहां रह सकें और आपसी सहयोग से कुछ बेहतर सीख सकें। अभियान में तमाम वर्गों की दिलचस्पी हमें लगातार प्रेरणा दे रही है कि इसे सभी वर्गों तक पहुचाया जाए। 

इस एक महीने के दौरान हमें हर दिन कुछ नए अनुभवों से गुजरना पड़ा है और इस तरह हम लगातार सीखते गए हैं। आपने हमारी इस मुहिम में अपना सहयोग दिया, हम इसके लिये आपका तहे दिल से शुक्रिया करते हैं। आपसे आग्रह रहेगा कि जुड़े रहें।

आलोक दीक्षित
टीम स्टाप एसिड अटैक


    About Us

    SAA is a campaign against acid violence. We work as a bridge between survivors and the society, as most of the victims of this brutal crime, which is much more grave in its impact than a rape, have isolated themselves after losing their face. Due to ignorance of the government and civil society, most survivors find no hope and stay like an outcast, in solitude. SAA aims to research and track acid attack cases and compile a data to get the actual situation of survivors.

    Our Mission

    We work with partners and stakeholders towards elimination of acid and other forms of burn violence and protection of survivors' rights. The process of justice to an acid attack victim remains incomplete until she gets immediate medical, legal and economic help, along with the critical social acceptance. Our vision is to free India from this crime, which reflects the flaws of our patriarchal society and abusive attitudes. We want survivors to have access to fast justice and fight back the irreparable impact of this crime.

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    Any amount you can donate to us, no matter how small, will be very gratefully received and put to good use helping acid and burns violence survivors. Your help could help pay for dressings and medical supplies for recuperating patients. A small help could help survivors with vital physical rehabilitation after an attack, including physical therapy and nursing.

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