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Living an age of acid rains, are we?

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"We had spent the entire night planning steps and priorities to take the campaign forward. By now, on Sunday morning, three cases of acid attacks have been reported in the country, and it seems like an awakening slap."

Suneet Shukla

Nude Elly: After a usual spell of nocturnal hours, when our ashtray was full and the coffee cups in the house all used, I had a morning urge to listen to Piyush Mishra's classic composition 'Seher' from 'Gulal'

Before YouTube could buffer the song and play it, Alok broke the story reported by The Times of India about a 35-year-old woman in Chhindwada, near Bhopal, MP, suffering 90% burns in an acid attack by her husband, who is now absconding.

We had spent the entire night planning steps and priorities for taking the campaign forward. By Sunday (April 14) morning, three cases of acid attacks have been reported in the country, and it seems like an awakening slap. A slap that tells us we are fighting an evil that has become vogue among a generation of cowards, who do not know to win people with love.

YouTube had buffered and 'Seher' had been enlightening. The voice said, "Chahun or sab or disa se laali chhayi rey, jugni naache chunar odhe khoon nahayi rey. . . jis raat seher me khoon ki baaris aayi re. . ." (Eng: 'The red took over the town, the princess she danced drenched in blood. . . the night town was splashed with blood')

To think of what to write about the incidents, I am clueless, just as the po-lice, politicians and bureaucRATS of this nation are. The problem is much more grave than we imagine. We are dealing with a serious miscarriage of the patriarchal ideas, which cry for urgent attention, in order to keep a check on such henious act.

With 90% burns, the chances of survival for the woman from Chhindwada district are bleak, but we will pray against all odds. Acid attacks not only leave scars on the body, but break the victims to the extent that some of them have chosen to isolate from society, and end their lives. We are grieved they will never be discovered.

Women deserve respect and love. Men need to be educated better, so that some of them do not turn into brutal inhuman criminals, often blind in a curse called love, of which we have made oh-what-a-wonderful-mess.

I need hope before I shut my windows to cut the sun and grab some sleep.
Nowplaying is 'Banwra ek ghungta chahe, haule-haule bin bataye, banware se mukhde se sarakna. Banwra mann dekhne chala ek sapna...' (A curious veil wishes, gradually without letting anyone know, to slip from a curious face. The curious mind dares to dream)
Peace, Bom.

Suneet Shukla is a Dakoo at Bom Sight & Thought House, who has set up his gypsy house to strengthen Stop Acid Attacks campaign. Working with a friend from his alma mater (Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, Bangalore) Alok Dixit, who initiated this campaign with an aim to help victims, their rehabilitation and enthuse in them the spirit to emerge as a winner, Dakoo wishes to serve the cause of educating fellow human beings about peaceful coexistence, with special regard to issues of gender discrimination and related crimes and freedom of speech and expression. Suneet finds his heart fluttering for the road quite often. He writes, shoots, edits and dramatizes whatever that attracts his sight to discover the ultimate truth (if at all it exists)


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