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Laxmi: Story of a Braveheart

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An acid attack on Laxmi in New Delhi's busy Khan Market back in 2005 led her family to lose all they had in a gradual turn of events. She was only 16 then. Though unlike many other survivors of acid attacks, Laxmi got immediate help and treatment, her family ended up losing all their finances and resources on her treatment and their fight for justice. In this landmark case, the two accused — Rakhi and Guddu — were sentenced to 7 and 10 years imprisonment, respectively.

Guddu alias Naeem Khan, with help of his brother Imran and Imran’s friend Rakhi had planned this heinous crime. Guddu had developed a one-sided liking towards Laxmi and resolved to distort her beautiful face with acid when she did not respond to his advances.

Laxmi also filed a PIL in the Supreme Court urging for regulation on sale of acid in 2006. In her plea, she had sought framing of a new law or amendment to the existing criminal laws like IPC, Indian Evidence Act and CrPC for dealing with the offence, besides asking for compensation. Laxmi's counsel Aparna Bhat had, however, invited court's attention to the Haryana scheme for care and rehabilitation of acid attack victims under which the state government has taken upon itself the entire responsibility for treatment and rehabilitation of acid attack victims.

But, an unfortunate incident in 2012 has left the family without the sole bread winner, as Laxmi's father passed away in 2012. Her younger brother has been diagnosed with dysfunctional lungs and is admitted in the hospital. Her mother spends her days looking after her ailing son. The family survives on the little help they get from her father's former employer, for whom he used to work as a cook. The brave acid attack fighter Laxmi even went on to learn tailoring and beauticians work after recovering from the grave injuries, but she hasn't managed to earn any work for these vocational skills. At Stop Acid Attacks, we wish to help this fighter to set an example by taking charge of not just her life but even her family's survival. Laxmi celebrates her birthday on June 1. Let us make this birthday a landmark one for her. Your contributions will be used to set up a means of livelihood for Laxmi, may be a small parlour or a tailoring shop, according to her will. She also wishes to work with Stop Acid Attacks as a volunteer and we appreciate her spirit.
The Supreme Court on 22nd April 2013 expressed its displeasure over the failure of the Union government to come up with a clear stand on framing a stringent law or making amendments to the existing ones to deal with acid attacks, which are on the rise in the country.


  1. Hey laxmi i hv heard ur interview on radio 102.6 bahut dukh hua sun ke aap singer bnna chaahti ho or aapki aawaz bhi bht achhi h yaarrrr go with ur dream god wid u nd we also nd jo bhi aap kr ri ho aapkr jese pidit grls ke liye uske liye hatts off u nd all members ko bhi all d best. I wanna join ur compaign hw can i plzz suggest me.

  2. Hello Laxmi..I listen you today on Aakashvaani FM Raibow(22.8.13)& feel so proud for you that in the real sense you are a brave girl who is still struggling for the betterment against this worse situation of growing acid attacks incidents in our nation.I am a student of Masters degree of Lucknow University.Salute to yours courage & will power.You are a beautiful creation of God.There is an urgent need to change societies double standards for boys & girls.Both are equal.I will not say for old generation as their time has expired due to their orthodox attitude but young Indians are with you.I like your song, you have a nice voice..move forward to fulfill your dreams..Good wishes for you there.Thanx..Alok chandra

  3. Hello Laxmi,I listen you yesterday on Aakashvaani FM Raibow(22.8.13). i wish you to become a legend singer in future..

  4. Hi Laxmiji, I read about you in my telugu news paper today, in that news i come to know what pain and agony you gone through in your life, Lakshmiji The courage and fight you are carrying, it is amazing, God is testing you in this manner, I am also going through a testing time in my life these days, God bless you my sister, If any thing that I can do for you please let me know. I had tears while reading about your courage and fight you showing in this age, Don't loose hope dear sister, my email id is yogeshvbala@gmail.com.
    I will from today add you in my daily prayers Laxmiji, keep fighting we all are with you. I hope entire country is with you.

  5. hi laxmi..your are an extreamly brave girl.keep going girl.life is still beautifull.you are an inspiration to me.god bless you.loads of love and blessings for you.all d bst.

  6. Hii Laxmi you are the hope of many people.YOU are an inspiration you are true example of bravery and courage .MAY GOD BLESS YOU tke care sister:)

  7. Hi Laxmi...I m Sheetal Kaushik...friend of your....I want to b a part of this organization....can u you PLEASE involve me with you......waiting for your reply...my id is mssheetal87@gmail.com..........Please give me a chance

  8. PLEASE involve me with you......waiting for your reply...my id is augustinmecwan@gmail.com..........Please give me a chance



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