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Recent victim of acid attack Tarana needs your help for her treatment

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Tarana became another victim of the changing definition of love in September this year when her former lover broke into her house and threw acid on her. The lover could not do any thing about her mother's dowry demands, but was agitated with Tarana's marriage being fixed with someone else. Tarana, for sure, will fear love and distrust humanity for a long time to come. We will ensure she emerges a winner from this trauma. Being poor has put her through this misery and if she doesn't get any financial help soon, the acid will burn her life to such an extent, from where healing it will seem even more difficult.

We have run projects for other acid attack survivors in past and it is overwhelming to witness the response by individuals, who understand how every penny counts for the one in need. With the support of the people of this world ( who take out the important time to follow our links and contribute on this website), we believe we can cut down on the inhumanity in this world, even if our government and society, are not as sensitive and responsible as they should be. Help Tarana, help us fight back acid attacks and stop them.

Story of Tarana

Tarana means that song which glorifies one's life. The girl with this name that has such music in it is today lying in a tiny room at Chhanv, with her face covered with a safety mask, to keep infection away. Not just her face, even her neck shoulder and arms were burnt in an acid attack in September, 2013. Like most other cases of acid attack, Tarana was also burnt in the name of love, as she witnessed the most brutal face of humanity.
Residing in Agra, the city that houses the wonder of the world, monument of love, the Taj Mahal, I never anticipated its residents would have such a dakr side to their love. I often wonder now why everyone's heart is not as beautiful as the Taj.

Like any other 20-year-old, I too, was just following the desires of my heart to be with a man who would love to explore the beauty of life with me, while he gives a little love and care that every woman yearns for. My quest led me to a man who left me in a state where I can't spot anything that made my life beautiful. My face doesn't look like anything it was, arms and shoulders are burnt, I can't move without help, even to the washroom.
I was in love with Ishtyaq, and we were planning to marry. But Ishtyaq’s mother was not too happy with our love and demanded a huge dowry, which was out of my family's reach. She refused to marry her son to a girl who can’t afford to get the money she wanted and the entire family, including Ishtyaq, didn't object to her ways.
Witnessing this behaviour of Ishtyaq and his family, I changed my mind and decided not to marry him. Despite being aware of our financial situation, Ishtyaq didn't even bother to interfere when his mother kept conditions before our marriage. Later, when my family looked for a suitable match and tried to marry me to someone else, Ishtyaq objected to it as if I was his possession. Neither did he choose to resolve his family's issues concerned with our marriage, nor did he let me marry the person my family ad chosen for me.

I don't know if it was the frustration of not being able to go against his mother and marry me, or was he following his mother's ideas, but Ishtyaq put all my anticipation to rest one night when he broke in to my house with his brother Naushad and threw acid on me. 

Our poor household did not even have a lock and the main door was tied with a rope. I initially thought it was hot tea, but my brother turned on the lights and understood it was acid that was burning my eyelids and melting my skin. I would have lost my eyes if I hadn't covered them with my hands.

With this, Ishtyaq burnt all our love, dreams, and imagination with acid in an instant and hurt my soul in a way that it can't be repaired. His inhumanity helped me understand how women have no say on their own lives and men consider us mere objects that can be disfugured/mutilated when not of their use anymore.
Next day, when my cousin lodged FIR against Ishtyaq and his elder brother Naushad, they were absconding from their house and their mother Nazo pretended she wasn't aware of the attack. Later, when they realized my family had seen them throwacid on me, Ishtyaq surrendred to the police, and Naushad was nabbed later. Their mother Nazo, however kept threatening us she will get her son out of the jail and will take revenge.

I have undergone two surgeries of my shoulders and eyelids in two months, but am still unable to close my left eye. Even my lips need reconstruction, as I am still unable to consume food properly. I didn't need money to buy me love, but I do need some financial support to repair what love has taken away from me. I see Laxmi walking around and understand that I will never look how I did before. May be, the poor in this country should understand love, honesty and justice from a different dictionary. The definitions have changed in our society.


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