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Acid kills another girl

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The Home Minister
Union of India

Subject: Acid attack corrodes yet another life

Shriman Shinde,
Little did we know that once we start campaigning against acid attacks, we would come across so many innocent deaths of girls, who in each case, passed away with a question- what was there fault to deserve this excruciating pain. If you understand how it hurts to suffer 60% burns from concentrated acid, may be you will understand why it may have been better for Harpreet to get rid of this pain, after 20 days of duel with life. Harpreet is the bride-to-be, who was attacked in Ludhiana on December 7.
While her family was expecting to get the best possible treatment for Harpreet, her life wouldn't have been the same ever after.
Her mother told us how she got anxious over a tiny mark on her leg and got it removed before her marriage. It only seems that life would have been a continuous misery for her if she had survived with scars all over her mutilated body.
Dear Home Minister, the times in the country aren't safe with a potential weapon like acid being easily available. There have been incidents when it has been used in group clashes and to injure men, too. The attacks on women, however, bring forth a dirty and shameful intent among Indian men to disfigure the girl they can not get. A girl should not be subjected to such terror for saying a 'No'. The Supreme Court has recognized this danger and ordered you to regulate sale and procurement of acid in shops and industries. If you fail to implement the same in order to curb these attacks, the people of this country will lose the little faith they have in the structure of a democracy.
It would be unworthy for us to remind a democratically elected government that by not taking adequate action on acid attacks, it is hampering the faith of the people in this democracy. The last time this faith was shaken, people turned up on the roads, and a brigade of activists united to fight against the violence against women. We understand you don't consider flying a victim to Singapore unless you see the same outrage, but the truth is young girls are dying every now and then due to such attacks. Some of their deaths are celebrated by the media as a sacrifice towards this fight for a safer country for our women. But, we do not wish to see any more sacrifices. We haven't been able to get justice to Preeti Rathi yet. Another girl in Muraina had died in an acid attack two days after the Supreme Court's July directions.
How many more deaths will it take till you realize that acid attacks are a curse, a complex crime, which needs to be dealt with immediacy?
Acid violence is probably the most brutal and easy crime today, which is rampant across the country. Our association with the survivors has let us understand the various difficulties a family faces when a member is injured in this crime. Its existence among us indicates towards a very dangerous gender equation, which is a direct menace to the progress of our society and a blot on our culture. We request the Home Ministry to look into the details of this crime and invest sincere efforts towards tackling it. It would be ideal to constitute a transparent body, involving survivors and activists as well, to work in this direction.

Waiting with hope,

Stop Acid Attacks


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