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December 3

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It was on July 18 2013 that the SC ordered the Union Government to get all states and UTs to regulate the sale of acid, while hearing a PIL filed by Laxmi in 2006. We, Stop Acid Attacks, were there at the SC along with Laxmi and other survivors of acid attacks, who preferred not to cover their mutilated faces and shared how not just their faces, but more of their bodies were burnt in this shameful crime.
The state governments were supposed to introduce policies in this regard and implement them within three months from the SC's verdict. The next hearing in Laxmi's writ petition is scheduled on December 3. The Union of India will inform the court how far it has succeeded in stopping acid attacks.

Here, at the campaign, we have witnessed a couple of deaths because of acid attacks, many more women being burnt across the country; and many horrifying attacks happened even in the national capital, kilometers away from the honorable Supreme Court. Almost none of the girls attacked after July received immediate compensation, as announced by the SC, nor their medical care has been taken seriously.

Acid sale goes on unabated. Many of our media friends have exposed how they could buy it with ease. Some of the state governments have brought policies in order with the SC verdict, but the implementation is not evident. States like Bihar still have illogical compensation of Rs 25,000 for an acid attack victim.

Moreover, what we have observed during our on ground campaigning, is that the government needs to make proper arrangements for treating acid attack victims at every district hospital. Just announcing free treatment would not serve the purpose when the patients are asked to buy medicines and food from outside in government hospitals.
Nisha at 'Chhanv', after her second surgery, in September
Being based in the national capital, we could only reach out to Nisha, Sapna, Reshma, Tarana and Parvati & Gayatri in last five months. There has been no discussion over the licensing of acid sale or regulating its procurement. There have been no reports if the SDMs submitted reports on sale of acid in their respective areas. 
Though there are so many outlets selling acid illegally, there have been no reports of any action being taken against such sellers in the past five months.

The rehabilitation policies should consider the survivors of past as well as many of them are living miserable, isolated lives. The central government should assign a body to assess the total number of survivors of acid attacks across the country and devise an effective mechanism to reach out to them with ample financial and medical support.
None among Nisha, Sapna, Reshma, Tarana and Parvati & Gayatri have received any monetary compensation yet from their state governments. They have only received free medical care at the government hospitals in Delhi.

Sapna was recently operated at a private hospital after a donor funded her surgery.

Some of these survivors who are fit to step out of their homes will join us at the Supreme Court on December 3.
Sapna's brave smile inspires many others in this fight for justice  

The government needs to be more sensitive to acid attacks as this brutal crime has even killed people in past five months. After Preeti Rathi, another girl died in an acid attack in Muraina, Madhya Pradesh, days after the SC verdict came, and a man died in Kanpur in another acid attack in November.
While the easy availability is turning acid into a potential weapon of a terrorizing crime, the government and local authorities' ignorance is not sending any message to the criminal intent of disfiguring a person beyond recognition such that their entire life turns miserable.

The stories of these girls give one a clear picture about how difficult it is to get justice and help in this country for a girl who is victimized. Sapna, Nisha, Tarana and Reshma are gradually recovering from their burn injuries.

We look forward to a healthy discussion in this regard from journalism institutions as we head towards a crucial fight to get justice to acid attack survivors. A government must be humane in its approach towards its people's issues, specifically in case of such shameful and inhuman acts of crime.  

  1. Nisha
Date of attack- 26th of July, 2013.
Place: Ghaziabad
Status: Still struggling with surgeries and financial constraint
Nisha was attacked early Friday morning by a married man who stalked her for about four years. She had repeatedly rejected his advances.

Nisha Sheikh from Madhepura in Bihar, who lives at Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad, was on her way to work at 7:15 am when Lakhan Saxena, a gas agency employee in nearby Sahibabad, came on a bike and threw acid on her near a high-rise at the Crossings-Republik township.

Saxena, 28, lives in Vasundhara and used to be her neighbour at Vijay Nagar.
  1. Name not known
Date of Attack: Last week of July (team reached on 9th of august, 2013)
Place: Unnao, Uttar Pradesh
Status: Yet to be known

  1. Sapna
Date of attack: 7th of August, 2013
Place: New Delhi
Status: Undergoing surgery in Narendra Mohan Hospital (Ghaziabad)

  1. Reshma
Date of attack: 25th July, 2013
Place: Kanpur
Status: undergoing treatment
  1. Vijaya Gopala Suvarna (Threatened for acid throwing)
The Bajpe police have arrested a 21-year-old man from Mudigere for allegedly trying to extort money from a woman gram panchayat president by threatening to throw acid on her.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Ravi Kumar, Subramanya (21) was threatening to throw acid on Vijaya Gopal Suvarna, president of Kandavara Gram Panchayat, if she failed to give him Rs. 2 lakh. He had been threat
ening her for the last few days. Ms. Suvarna filed a complaint on Thursday.
Bajpe police laid a trap and asked Ms. Suvarna to call Subramanya to her office.
The police caught Subramanya soon after he arrived at Ms. Suvarna’s office. Mr. Kumar said Subramanya had been accused under section 384 (extortion) and 507 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code and had been remanded to judicial custody.
Posted on SAA page on 19 October, 2013
  1. Name: Not Known
Date of Attack: 19 October, 2013
Place: Gorai, Mumbai
Link via Neeta Mam
The girl attacked in Gorai is critical at THUNGA Hospital, Meera Road, in Mumbai. Her boyfriend of one year forced her to drink acid, which has caused internal burns, apart from distorting her lips, chin and neck. She will undergo endoscopy tomorrow. We pray her condition improves with each moment. 
  1. Tarana
Date of attack: September, 2013
Place: Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Tarana travels from Agra to Delhi frequently
for her treatment 

  1. Nirupama Kalita
Date of Attack: 25 October, 2013
Place: Gauhati

  1. Parvati and Gayatri
Date Of attack: 17 November, 2013
Place: Bagampur, New Delhi
Another acid attack has been reported in Bagampur, near New Delhi, on November 17 evening. While the girl targeted by another jilted lover in this case has suffered 50% burns, her 16-year-old friend has suffered 20% burns. She has been admitted at Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital. 
  1. 45 yr old woman
Date of Attack: case reported on 26 November, 2013
Place of attack: Andhra Pradesh
The housewife was walking on the roadside at Kinnera Centre, when one person came from behind, suddenly threw acid on her and fled the spot, the police said.
  1. Champa Devi and daughter Madhri
Date of reporting: 9 November, 2013
Place: Varanasi
According to reports, the girl Madhuri (18) was sleeping with her mother Champa Devi her mud house when the miscreant threw acid through the window. Hearing their cries the other family members rushed to the room, and took them to community health centre with the help of local natives. Seeing the seriousness of burns the doctors referred them to the district hospital from where seriously injured Madhuri was referred to Varanasi for further treatment.
  1. Two year old boy dies
Place: Bhadoi, UP
Date of reporting: 30 November, 2013
A two-year-old boy today died after his father allegedly threw acid on him and mother-in-law following a dispute in Sitamarhi area.
  1. Shri Krishna
Date of Reporting: 25 November, 2013
Place: Kanpur
A 35-year-old man succumbed to burn injuries after he was attacked by his co-workers with acid at a glue unit in Wajidpur area of Jajmau in Chakeri on Sunday morning.
  1. Jaya (Name Changed)
Date of reporting: 25 November, 2013
Place: Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
Lover forced the survivor to drink acid.
  1. Saloni Wadhwani
Place: Indore
A young married woman sustained burns in an alleged acid attack by the electrician son of her landlady in Sindhi Colony area of Juni Indore here on Wednesday morning.

The attack comes four months, after the Supreme Court directed states and union territories to frame rules to regulate sale of acids and other corrosive substances within three months and make acid attack a non-bailable offence.

Saloni Wadhwani, 25, sustained 20% burns on the right hand and back, and is presently admitted in the Burn Unit of MY Hospital. She alleged that 40-year-old Kamal, the son of her landlady Vindur, threw acid on her at around 9 am, as she was refusing to oblige him sexually.


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