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Far from family, living under the same roof, Kavita clings to hope

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At 24, when each one of us is busy chasing their dreams, Kavita of Lucknow steps out of her house only on the days she has to appear at the court. Her routine happiness with both, her professional and personal lives, did not last long, like it does for any other girl her age.

In her case too, it was a spurned lover, who turned barbaric and resorted to an acid attack on June 17 2012, when Kavita was returning from work. Though she had been earlier threatened by her lover, a married man, she had not believed he could actually ruin her life, forever. Somebody blocked Kavita's way as she walked back home on the fateful day and poured a jar of acid.

The attack left Kavita with 85% burns on her face, apart from burn injuries on her neck, shoulder and back. While she had to be confined to a bed, fighting the unbearable pain caused by chemical burns, what multiplied her misery was that she hardly got any support from her own family. Even today, she is shunned in her own house by her step-mother and father, and only receives some support from her step-brothers.
Moreover, the accused is still out there, friends with Kavita's alcoholic father; and continues to threaten her with dire consequences if she continues her legal battle.
So far, she has undergone three surgeries, but further treatment was halted due to her bleak financial situation. Her hearing capability from one year and the vision in one of her eyes has been hampered in the attack. Even her face requires a few more corrective surgeries.
Kavita's struggle and psychological trauma is doubled by the unfriendly atmosphere at home. She is in need of immediate help, both financially and in terms of rehabilitation, away from home.
Each passing day may bring a different ordeal to Kavita, but, she is hopeful.
Hopeful that the culprit will soon be behind the bars.
Hopeful that may be someday, her family and the society will accept her. Hopeful that she will see the world the way she did before the day that scarred her life…

-Pooja Sehrawat
(The writer is a banker from Kanpur and volunteers with the Stop Acid Attacks campaign)


  1. Acid Attacks on Women:
    Yes, stricter laws are needed!! If a perpetrator knows he will spend the rest of his life in jail of have acid thrown on him, then he will think twice before commiting such a horrendous act. I cannot support this with money. However, I can still be a voice and share this with many others. And I shall.
    Come on people of the world... reach out with help in whatever way you can.

  2. Namaste, plz gv a contact number who can advice me how to help her financialy. 08506932012 Kapil Ranga. Thanku.

    1. if do u want to help they plz contact below

  3. hi.. Kavita,
    Dont lose ur heart. our prayers are with you. if u r in delhi plz contact me. 9810642038

  4. Kavita send me an email if u need help

  5. Kavita you are very brave. I am worried for you. How are you surviving with such unsupported parents and the animal who did this to is still out there? I hope things work out for you.

  6. My prayers are with you honey. Divine healing on all levels shall be granted to you7777777

  7. My prayers are with you honey. Divine healing on all levels shall be granted to you7777777



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