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Spot Of Shame

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About a year ago, we made a lot of hue and cry on a gang rape, marched on the street, lit candles and shouted that we would not accept any more rapes around us. We did create enough pressure to work out stricter laws; laws which are suppose to get accused behind bars for molestation, harassment and other offences. But, how far has all this had an impact on the crimes being committed against women?

If we count down the numbers of rape, acid attacks and more such heinous crimes, our heads hang in shame. The newspapers and friends in media seem to have woken up to so many sexual crimes happening across the country. There is a story in each one of these cases now, which have continued to happen in our society over a long period of time.

As we get closer to the day when 'that-girl-we-know-by-different-names' was raped in a moving bus by a group of men, was mutilated to death in the national capital; we will leave you with a small token of remembrance. We, the people, have been comfortably accepting the crimes committed on our women, and the criminals as well. But, this shall not go on if we believe in living in a more safe and healthy society. Just so that we remember that a girl was raped at some place and another beautiful one was burnt with acid some where else, we will mark these venues as 'Spots of Shame'.

The 'Spot of Shame' will be marked with a particular stamp, designed by our Mumbai team of eminent film makers and artists, by a graffiti artist on a particular day in every city across the country, starting with Delhi on January 22. The day after the stamp is painted at the 'Spot of Shame', we will hold a brief demonstration and silent protest to explain people about the presence of the stamp. The idea is to send the 'Spot of Shame' marking viral across all big and small cities and towns of the country over a period of time.

To begin with, Stop Acid Attacks will mark the places where girls were burnt with acid.

We come from a time and race, where warriors were respected for scars on their faces and chests. We are now living in a social structure where girls who are scarred because of their 'Firm NO' are bound to live behind veils and walls. This needs to change and with an emergency. Because, we, the people associated with Stop Acid Attacks campaign, are angry with the way our women are being treated. The one who gives birth can not be and should not be subjected to such inhuman violence anymore in the only country where people call her “Motherland”. We do need to understand that every girl is equally in danger as long as we let our boys grow up into maniacal lovers. Lovers who feel jilted and get trapped and frustrated in the love of a body. We need to act before the definition of love changes here forever.

And if we do not understand why we need these 'Spots of Shame', the men better stop believing their gender, and the women, they may choose not to complain.

And if you do believe in the imminent need, mark your city, your town with a 'Spot of Shame' where a girl was attacked, molested or abused. It is better to live in a society which is largely safe without security than living in a one that requires a policeman on every nook and corner and a law to define punishments for various methods of crime.

We want the nation to introspect, with its head hung low with Shame!

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