Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The most common form of despair is not being who you are” ;  the girl who wanted to be an air hostess is living in darkness since last ten years,  finding a place for herself, fighting with the society and seeking for her identity... Sonia Chowdhary (29) resides in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. She took help of the neighbour Anurag(accused) to buy a cell phone. He bought a stolen cell phone and gave it to her. After few days police rang Sonia and asked her from where did she get this phone.. she told the whole story to the policeman and the accused was in lock up for whole one night. Next day when the attacker was out from lockup, he approached Sonia and asked her to apologise, when she denied to apologise, he just went to her father and had a combat with him. He attacked her on 12th may 2004 just 15 to 20 steps from her place.. She was an employee in VLCC parlour. That day she was walking long down the road, naive of the fact that an evil soul is waiting to destroy her life. The accused threw five litres of acid on the brave lady Sonia. According to doctors she had 55% disfigurement on her body. She is left with never going scars that are given by her ‘bhaiya’.
The accused passed away just after six months of the incident. He repaid for what he did.  But the justice she got wasn’t the one she wanted. Justice does not mean punishment to the culprit under certain sections of IPC but in veracity it means acceptance in society. Lying in DARK she wonders how she will survive now, how she will bear the treatment expenses , while she regularly fights for a daily square of meal.
Her Father Mr. Raghubeer chowdhary ,  was a Tea vendor , he left his little princess in the gloomy world.  The only hand which she used to hold in her grief is now resting in heaven. She is the elder one among all, she carried the responsibilities on her shoulders from a very young age, she was the helping hand to her father in running the home expenditures. She was a mother to her younger brothers and sisters, a friend to her mother and a responsible citizen to our country.  
She was initially admitted to Shankar Lal Hospital, Ghaziabad from where she was referred to Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi.  Over there she was hospitalised for one month and fifteen days and then she told her mother that, “ maa mujhe yaha pr nhi marna, ghr jakr marna hai mujhe, ghr le chalo aaap please” ( Mumma, I do not want to die  here, i want to die at home take me there please!)  After that she was under the treatment of Dr. Bhandari, Lok nayak hospital, Delhi.    
The treatment in Lok nayak hospital was her last treatment.. she is been living with all the soreness without any treatment, she cannot see the  world which  gave her so much, her vision is fading day by day.... she is  survivor of vicious circle of  rejection and refusals.. but she is the only human.. she bleeds when she falls down” but her spirit to live is admirable... she teaches us to live without any fear of failing. She has an experience of 15 years as  a beautician, she runs  a small parlour at her place only from where she arranges money to run her home. She has adopted a girl child and is looking after her like   her mother. She is the girl people can look up to and say “because of you we did not give up”!


  1. Beautiful story and sadly no comments.... she is a real superstar not a fake one ... the kind you usually see in the movies

  2. She is amazing. Her grief is unimaginable bt her courage is unbelieveble too. Inspite of life's cruelity nd the sick mind's deed of a man or we can say him a demon or an animal, she is strong. She is a inspiration that life is only for fighters. Salute to you lady.

  3. Your still beautiful.i saw u on bbc today. ♡

  4. Your still beautiful.i saw u on bbc today. ♡

  5. May God Bless you with eternal success - strong GIRL



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