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Support Hunger_Strike by Join our Initiative : #Online_Anshan

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Stop Acid Attacks’ campaigners held a 10-day long serial hunger strike to draw attention of the Government and the Parliament towards the menace of acid attacks throughout the country. During the period, we carried out awareness campaigns and protest programs and were successful in drawing the attention of civil society. Using online media, including social media, WhatsApp, email and SMS services we were able to connect actively to a larger mass and were able to convey our concerns to the government through them. In the bureaucracy also we were able to press for and made them agree to pass orders about the regulation of acid sell in states. Although, we could not make government agree on many of our demands during the current session of Parliament.
      Due to the ongoing debate in parliament on the issue of religious conversion and lack of awareness amongst elected representatives about the vice of acid attacks, we have decided to suspend the protest for till the budget session of the Parliament. During the meantime, the awareness campaign would continue specially to make the elected representatives aware of this hazard. Apart from this the campaign would try to ensure implementation of the Supreme Court guidelines, in letter and spirit, about the regulation of acid sell through RTI and ‘shoot-acid’ activities at district levels. During the 10- day protest, social activist and theater guru Arvind Gaur, International Woman of Courage Laxmi, CPI (M) leader Brnda Karat, Woman Rights activist Kavita Krishnan, Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan and a number of civil society members extended their support to the cause.

Your #Anshan_Online will add strength to the message being sent to the honorable Home Minister through an email.

For us Anshan means protest, a pledge, a promise that you will care for the cause and join us even when you are at workplace, at home or on a dinner table. Anshan doesn’t confine to an idea of being part of hunger strike. We can be part of an Anshan by leaving our comforts. This way everyone can join our Anshan in support of the fighters of Acid Attacks.

Here is a list which needs immediate attention of people around us. Please join Anshan Online in demand of strict laws & justice for acid attack survivors and fighters.

For last 7 years on Lakshmi's PIL supreme court has been ordering the government to act in order to stop Acid Attacks, but till now neither the acid attacks have reduced nor the Supreme Court guidelines have been implemented. Acids are freely available in the retail shops across the nation. Acid has become the new weapon against women in our society, and every year thousands of dreams and soul are crushed because of it.

In these circumstances, the campaigners of STOP ACID ATTACKS have decided to follow the path of Gandhi ji- the path of non-violence- the path of Hunger Strike to raise our voice before government and people. If you agree with us, then dedicate at least one day in support of the Hunger Strike by Acid Attack survivors and let the world know about it.

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    About Us

    SAA is a campaign against acid violence. We work as a bridge between survivors and the society, as most of the victims of this brutal crime, which is much more grave in its impact than a rape, have isolated themselves after losing their face. Due to ignorance of the government and civil society, most survivors find no hope and stay like an outcast, in solitude. SAA aims to research and track acid attack cases and compile a data to get the actual situation of survivors.

    Our Mission

    We work with partners and stakeholders towards elimination of acid and other forms of burn violence and protection of survivors' rights. The process of justice to an acid attack victim remains incomplete until she gets immediate medical, legal and economic help, along with the critical social acceptance. Our vision is to free India from this crime, which reflects the flaws of our patriarchal society and abusive attitudes. We want survivors to have access to fast justice and fight back the irreparable impact of this crime.

    Support Us

    Any amount you can donate to us, no matter how small, will be very gratefully received and put to good use helping acid and burns violence survivors. Your help could help pay for dressings and medical supplies for recuperating patients. A small help could help survivors with vital physical rehabilitation after an attack, including physical therapy and nursing.

    Click this link to donate for a good cause.

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    We welcome all the volunteers to come forward and join us in our camping and contribute in whatever way possible. Please visit the Join Us page for more details.